Many of your child’s daily activities, such as , getting dressed, eating and writing require control of small muscles in the hands. We call these skills fine motor skills. Your child can do more things for himself when he has opportunities to practice these skills. There are lots of activities that can increase muscle strength… Read More

Five teachers tell you what preschoolers really need for next year. By Ellen H. Parlapiano, Scholastic Parent Child Magazine If your child’s preschool years are coming to an end, your thoughts are probably turning toward kindergarten. But is your child ready to move on to the “big” school? What skills do kindergarten teachers expect their… Read More

In order to follow rules and understand limits, children need to develop self-control. Self-control is the ability to cope with strong feelings and stop one’s self from doing something that is not allowed. Developing self-control begins at birth and continues throughout childhood. Young children learn self-control through interactions with peers, parents and other loving adults.… Read More

Kids N Cars: Never Leave Your Children Unattended in Your Vehicle, NOT even for a minute! Kids ‘N CarsTM is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to pursue a greater level of public safety by informing people about the dangers of leaving children unattended in or around vehicles. People leave children unattended in vehicles more… Read More