Round is a Pancake

Round is a pancake,  Round is a plum,  Round is a doughnut,

Round is a drum,  Round is a puppy, Curled up on a rug.

Round are the spots, On a wee ladybug.

Look all around,  On the ground, in the air, You will find round things everywhere!


Marvelous Math

How fast does a New York taxi go?

What size is grandpa’s attic?

How old is the oldest dinosaur?

The answer’s in Mathematics!

How many seconds in an hour?

How many seconds in a day?

What size are the planets in the sky?

How far to the Milky Way?

How fast does lightning travel?

How slow do feathers fall?

How many miles to Instanbul?

Mathematics knows it all!

by Rebecca Kai Dotlich