Did you know…

Eight of our current staff have been employed by Clever Kids for over 10 years?

Our staff stay current in the field of Early Childhood Education. They have

 completed 45 semester hours of classes in 2013.

Our teaching staff have 35 children and 19 grand children of their own.


What our teachers say

I work in child care to show young children that there are caring and warm hearted teachers that work with young children and they show it every day in their responses to each individual child. I work for Clever Kids because the directors here are good at responding to needs of teachers. The teachers in the classrooms want to be here and show it in their day to day routines and in responding to the needs of the children.

Clever Kids is committed to a quality center. They really care and learn about each individual child. Many of the teachers take classes to improve our knowledge and stay abreast in the industry. Not many places can say they have teachers who have been with them more than 5 years, I am proud to be a member of this center.