“Paige and I have very much appreciated and enjoyed her time at Clever Kids. I cannot imagine a more educational, fun and safe environment for her to have experienced these past few years. I will keep recommending Clever Kids to any and all who ask.” July 2015

“I just wanted to take this time to recognize the amazing teachers and staff you have at Clever Kids. Everyone that we have interacted with has been caring and supportive. I feel like we are leaving him with family.”  March 2014

“The folks at Clever Kids are kind, considerate and have a good sense of humor. They do a great job! I feel very safe and secure.” Dec 2013

“Thanks for opening your doors and arms to our children. We will greatly miss Clever Kids. You and your staff are nothing less than amazing!” August 2013

 “I consistently recommend Clever Kids because I know how important it is to trust your day care providers. My son loves coming here and that is a tribute to the care he receives.” July 2013″

We are new and astounded by the meals prepared, activities for parents to participate in and how our child has absolutely blossomed. We feel like we have a great team to work with and a fully equipped staff to help out guy thrive. A breath of fresh air.- June 2013

“Having the experience to have my two children be at Clever Kids is great! Their ‘evidence of learning’ displays are a great way to expose myself to what my children are involved in and what they are learning.” June 2013

As a child I attended Clever Kids Learning Center and have fond memories of the teachers and all the fun activities we did. I never realized how much I was learning at the time. I was having too much fun playing with all my friends! Now that I am a Mom, I understand and appreciate all that Clever Kids has to offer- a great curriculum, qualified teachers and a secure environment. My daughter is learning and having fun and I know she will be ready for school when the time comes.”  April 2013

“Thank you all for everything you all have done for us over the years. I hope everyone at Clever Kids knows how important they have been in our lives. We can’t thank you all enough.”  -Sept 2012-

 “This is a great place! We have been so happy with the teachers and the facility.” May 2012

 “Ben has really enjoyed his time in Toddler 2 and Preschool 1 and we have been more than impressed and satisfied with his teachers and the way the center is run. We feel fortunate that he has received such loving and knowledgeable care. Thank you to everyone at Clever Kids for providing parents such peace of mind.” -April 2012

 “We have been associated with Clever Kids for 6 years with 2 children. We have always enjoyed the association and felt fortunate that our children had the opportunity to attend such a high-quality childcare/preschool facility. The teachers at the center have maintained an atmosphere that develops an eagerness to learn, to explore and to trust. Thank you for helping Michael develop a strong foundation which gives him the confidence and eagerness to move on in his learning process.”

 “How nice it is to feel comfortable each day that I bring my child to Clever Kids Learning Center. I am so glad we found you and I have the greatest admiration for your work- you give a lot of yourselves with patience and love.”

 “Words are not enough to express our gratitude and appreciation for the love and care you have shown our daughter for the first four years of her life! Thanks to all of you, our daughter got a wonderful start in life and is completely ready for her adventure into kindergarten and beyond! In those early days of being first time parents, Clever Kids was such a comfort to us as we fumbled around with our new responsibility. To know every day she was in good hands and every night she came home happy has immeasurable value to us!”  – Aug 2008-

  “We want to thank you all for making our boys’- and our – preschool experience so fantastic! We couldn’t have found a better place for our boys to learn and grow! We appreciate all that you do and will miss you all.”   -July 2009-

 “I have had a wonderful experience with Clever Kids over the last eleven years! I have enjoyed bringing both of my girls to CKLC and I know they both loved it too. They learned so much and had wonderful teachers. I cannot say enough about the teaching staff. They are compassionate, kind and patient.”   -Aug 2009-

 “There is no way to express our gratitude to all of the CKLC staff for the role they played in our boys’ lives. How do we say thank you for the comfort given to us knowing that our children would not only be safe all day but cared for with love and compassion? Thank you for the peace of mind you gave us every minute of the day. Thank you for connecting with us as parents and allowing us to be part of the Clever Kids family. Thank you for your passion for children and sharing your hearts and love with them every day. Thank you for creating an environment where our boys loved to come each day. Thank you for the role you have played in their social, emotional and intellectual development. All of our lives are richer because of you. Thank you. We will miss all of you!”   -Aug 2010-

 We would like to thank  you for the love, caring, time and education you have given our daughter as she has grown through the years at your facility. She is a wonderful happy child because of it and we both thank you for all she has learned while in your care. I would recommend your facility to anyone who is looking for child care!”  May 2011

 It is sad and unbelievable to me to think that today is my daughter’s last at Clever Kids – it’s been a wonderful road and we couldn’t have done this whole work/family/life balance thing if we didn’t have 110% confidence in the family we have found at Clever Kids. The best part of dropping off both of our daughters was we never saw an unhappy face on a teacher, or anyone who was there and I think that is so rare to find. Total professionalism and love! Thank you a million times over for you dedication and love – we will miss you all!      -June 2011-

 ” I just want to thank you for helping my son turn into the little boy he is today. It seems he has been in your care for over two years and you have probably spent more of his waking hours with him than me. I have no doubt that he is ready for kindergarten and the start of his “official” schooling thanks to your teaching. He loves to tell me about what was talked about at school, who he played with and what he did on the playground on our car ride home. I hope that he has the same enthusiasm at kindergarten as he did at Clever Kids.”  -September 2011-

 “Thank you, ladies, for helping our daughter make such an easy and successful transition into Toddler 1!” We are so pleased that she is doing so well and that her teachers are so awesome with her!”    -Feb 2012-


“We have absolutely loved all the teachers and support we have had. Our daughter has truly grown since she has been at Clever Kids.” -Oct 2012-

“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience we’ve had with Clever Kids. All of the people here have given our children such exceptional care and I truly feel this has been an extension of our home for the last three plus years.”     -November 2012-